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CCSF is currently operating on a remote basis and buildings are not accessible at this time. During this time, Student Affairs are modifying services to be able to continue to support you remotely. For college wide updates, please read COVID-19 Updates and Plans to Return to Campus. Visit CCSF Virtual Campus to find information about our remote services.

Temporary Change to Our Services

During CCSF’s period of closed campus access, the Completion Center is not conducting business in person. Please use our Remote Services/Online Virtual Help Counters (via zoom) during this time.

For questions or to request assistance please contact:

    · Email:

    · Phone: 415-239-3141



The Completion Center develops strategies and coordinates activities that encourage, foster, and innovate student success and retention. We also provide students with information regarding graduation and other support services.


Graduation Check List

☐ Meet with a Counselor and Create Your Education Plan

☐ Complete your Course or Program Requirements

☐ Submit a Graduation Petition

☐ Sign Up for Commencement

☐ Celebrate Your Success!


Petition Forms

Certificate Petition

Petition for Associate Degree AA AS

Petition for Associate Degree For Transfer



Meet with your counselor or faculty advisor regularly and prior to submission of your graduation petition.  You need to submit a graduation petition to have your degree posted on your official transcript.



Congratulations on earning your upcoming certificate and/or associate degree this spring. This is a signifficant achievement. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the previously scheduled May 21, 2020 commencement ceremony has been postponed. However, all students who earn an Associate Degree or Certificate this Spring will receive their diplomas and certificates on schedule via the mail as they are conferred every year.