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Important News!

Most Fall 2020 classes will be taught remotely in Canvas, and most student services will be delivered online and remotely. Certain courses that cannot be completed remotely will be held in-person following strict safety protocols. If you have questions about whether a class is offered remotely or not, check the online schedule. If the word "Remote" is after the title of the class, it will be taught remotely. If you do not see this word, the class may be fully or partly face-to-face, so please contact the instructor for more information.

Registration is underway. To secure your classes, register now.


Welcome to the New CCSF Registration System

This system will allow you to create a schedule that aligns with both your academic and non-academic life.  Some features include:

  • Create a break in your schedule that balances home obligations, work, and student group participation.
  • Create a schedule prior to your registration time and use the “favorite” function to save your schedule to register when your appointment time arrives.
  • Search for classes by course, attribute, or instructor.
Need help getting started? Below you will find valuable training resources to help get you started.
How-to: Schedule Planner
How-to: Campus Filter
How-to: Locks
How-to: Course Options