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Petition to Add Class Late - More Details

Late Withdrawal Petition

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Add/Drop Form:

Students must use the ADD/DROP process to enroll in class after the admissions application and regular registration deadlines.

Application for Admissions (Credit)

All NEW and RE-ADMIT students (those who have been away from CCSF for one semester or more previous to the coming semester) need to submit an Admissions Application.

Application for Admissions (Non-Credit)

This application is for students wishing to enroll in the NONCREDIT PROGRAM only.


California Nonresident Tuition Exemption (AB540): (Instructions in Spanish) (Fillable Form)

If you attended high school in California for three or more years and graduated from a California high school or attained the equivalent thereof. You may be exempted from payment of the non-resident tuition in credit courses if you meet the above mentioned criteria. If you do not possess legal immigrant status, you must file a California Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Request (AB540), stating that you will file the appropriate paperwork to legalize your immigration status as soon as you are eligible to. You must also provide the college with a copy of your high school transcript showing three years of enrollment in a California high school, and graduation from a high school in California.

You may apply at any time. Complete the California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request online, print it out and submit it to the Residency Department located at City College of San Francisco, 50 Frida Kahlo Way, MUB 188. The form is also available at the following locations: the Admissions Office in MUB 188; the Latino Services Network (Cloud Hall 364) and the African American Scholastic Program (Bungalow 500); the Admissions or Counseling Offices at all the campuses.

Change of Directory Information:

This form is used to change you Name or Address. Must attach copies of your picture ID and Social Security Card.

College and/or Test Data Form

An alternate way to satisfy the assessment component is to submit documentation that you have taken college-level English and/or math courses and/or specific test data.

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form:

To give CCSF authorization to charge your credit card for tuition and enrollment fees.



Late Add Form:

Form used to add courses after the last day to add a course has passed.

Leave of Absence:

This form is ONLY used by International Student. This Leave of Absence will drop or withdraw you from ALL classes in which your are enrolled this term. You will still be liable for all fees if you are dropped after the deadline date for dropping a course for a full refund.


Matriculation Exemption Form (Online or PDF):

This form is used to exempt from the Matriculation Process.


Pass/No Pass(Formerly Known as Credit/No Credit) Grading Request:

Some courses are designated as optional Pass/No Pass courses. Such courses are shown in the catalog with the statement "P/NP available." meaning the course may be taken on a Pass/No Pass or on a letter grade basis; i.e., the Pass/No Pass option is available. Students should be aware that Pass/No Pass courses are counted toward graduation and for transfer and that in an optional course a student must declare to the Office of Admissions and Records the intention to take the course on a Pass/No Pass basis no later than the deadline date established in the Calendar of Instruction. (See Calendar of Instruction for this date.) Forms to exercise this option are available from the Office of Admissions and Records. Students may also select "Pass/No Pass" grading option on-line through WebSTARS at http://www.ccsf.edu. In the absence of a "Petition for Pass/No Pass" students will be evaluated on a letter-grade basis. The "NP" symbol shall be used only in calculating units attempted for probation and dismissal.



Refund of Enrollment/Nonresident Tuition fee-Credit Card

Use this form to apply for an Enrollment/Nonresident Tuition Fee Refund if you paid with a Credit Card.

NotePhoto ID must accompany refund request

Refund of Enrollment/Nonresident Tuition fee-Cash,check or Money order

Use this form to request for refunds if tuition was paid by Cash, Check or Money Order. 

Note: Photo ID must accompany refund request


Residency Questionaire

Use this form to provide the college with your current residency status in the state of California.  All questions must be answered truthfully, under penalty of perjury.

Registration Priority Appeal Form


Section Change Petition:

After the official deadline to add a class has passes, a student may change a course or section only if he/she is:
Changing to a higher or lower level in sequential course
Changing to a different section of the same course.


Time Conflict Approval:

Petition to take two classes that overlap with the beginning or ending time of a course. Must have both instructors approval.


Waiver of College Rules:

A student may petition the Dean of Admissions & Records to waive local college regulations.

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