What is DACA?

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, (DACA), was established in June 2012 by the Obama Administration to provide administrative relief from deportation to specific individuals who applied for and received DACA status from the federal government.  The purpose of DACA was to protect eligible immigrant youth who came to the United States as children (1) To receive protection from deportation; and (2) To receive a work permit. Eligible applicants were able to obtain DACA status for two years, which was subject to renewal.

Will City College provide student information to

Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE)?

No. Student information is private and City College will protect all student information to the extent allowable by the law.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the City College from disclosing personally identifiable information, including records reflecting a student's immigration status, unless a FERPA exception applies or the student gives consent.

As a DACA student, will I be allowed to stay

enrolled at City College?

Yes. All students are welcome at City College of San Francisco as we have an open admissions policy.

As a DACA student, can I still work at City College?

All DACA benefits are provided on a two-year basis, so individuals who currently have DACA will be allowed to retain both DACA and their work authorizations (EADs) until their expiration dates.

I'm a DACA student and I receive the California

Dream Act, will I still receive my financial aid if

DACA ends? 

Yes.  Click here for a helpful infographic. 

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