Group photo of individuals at Aircraft Technicians Training
Two students inspecting a material over a vice
Student using a vice to work on a material


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General Information

Phone: (415) 239-3000


Aircraft Maintenance Technology / Aeronautics Department

San Francisco International Airport, Bldg 928

928 Clearwater Dr

San Francisco, CA 94128

Phone: (650) 821-0220


Fire Science

State Marshall courses & CCSF Fire Academy

San Francisco International Airport, Classroom #8, Building 928

South San Francisco, CA 94128

Phone: (650) 821-0211

Fax: (650) 821-0210



airport map

City College of San Francisco

San Francisco International Airport, Bldg. 928

San Francisco, CA 94128


Google Map

Access Guide


Public Transit: None / Free parking on campus

The Airport campus is near the Millbrae and South San Francisco BART stations, though there is no direct public transportation. Free parking is available at this campus.

Information on public transportation

SAMTRANS: (800) 660-4287