CCSFmail (CCSF Google email) for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff can get a CCSFmail account on CCSF's branded Google domain. This allows access to Google apps, including Calendar, Docs, and Sites, in the same domain as other CCSF Faculty and Staff as well as students. This make it easy to share information, if you want, with other CCSF users.

If you want to forward your CCSFmail emails to another email account, you need to set that up. See these instructions.

  • Faculty Class lists (accessible from the Class Schedule portal on the MyCCSF page) will list student CCSFmail addresses or the preferred addresses that students have chosen to provide.


Forwarding to or from CCSFmail

Google mail allows almost 8 gigbytes for your mailbox. As a result, many employees choose to forward other accounts to CCSFmail and have their email be automatically deleted from their Groupwise space.

For Students, the official CCSF stance on forwarding is summed up in this language: The best way to ensure that you receive all CCSF communications is to use your CCSFmail. Because forwarding email is not reliable, CCSF does not recommend it. If you choose to forward, making sure that you receive and read all CCSF messages is your responsibility.

However, particularly during the transition to mandatory CCSFmail accounts, students may resent getting yet another email address that they have to remember. In this case, and given the caveat above, faculty members have found that they have good luck showing their classes how to forward from CCSFmail to an address that the students check regularly.

This is pretty easy in CCSFmail/Gmail. Here are the steps.

Q & A

How do I get my CCSFmail account and address?

First: You must have a CCSF MS365 email account.

This is the address to which all official CCSF email announcements are sent.

If you are a continuing employee, you have been contacted about your 365 account. If you are newly hired, get the Information Technology Services Request for CCSF Network Login and Email form from your local ITS person, the TLC lab (313 Batmale) or the Help Desk (239-3711). Fill it out and send in all copies to the address on the form. In about a week you will receive a copy that includes your login id. For information on using 365 email go to the ITS 365 pages..

Once you have a 365 account, get your Gmail account:

  • Or: Go to the main CCSF Web page and click MyCCSF. Then, in the For Faculty and Staff column, click the Apply for Employee Gmail account link and fill in the form.

When the account is created, you'll receive an email to your CCSF 365 email with instructions on how and where to log in. You will receive a separate email with your default password.

How can I find my CCSFmail address?

Your address has the form - so, Jane Doe's address would be This differs from the form of student accounts, where the login is first initial+lastname[+number if necessary]


How do I login to my CCSFmail account?

Open a web browser (such as IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome). Use this URL:

You will be asked for your Username and password.

You can also get to your email logon page from the main CCSF webpage –

  1. Click MyCCSF
  2. Look on either column or in the links at the right for a login link to CCSFmail.

What do I have to do the first time I access my CCSFmail account?

  1. The first time you access your CCSFmail account, you have to choose a password. Please enter the password twice, once in the Choose a password box and then in the Re-enter password box.
  2. Watch the screen! Google will reject passwords that are too short or too easy to break.
  3. If you want the menus displayed in a language other than English, select the language you want.
  4. Finally, type in the characters you see in the box
  5. If you agree with the terms and conditions of usage, press I Accept. Click the Create my Account button and you can begin using your CCSFmail account.
  6. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, press the Cancel button and an email account will not be created for you.

I can’t remember my password, how do I reset it?

Email Ana Soto from your GroupWise account to Please use a subject line that identifies your status and the exact nature of the request: e.g. Faculty CCSF Gmail password reset. Students can go to W4 to reset their password.


Why do I need another email address?

Faculty/Staff CCSFmail allows you use the various applications, called Google Apps, attached to the start page. These include Documents, Calendars and sites, where you can create a CCSF-branded Web site for your classes or yourself.

Also, you will be inside the same domain as the other CCSFmail users, students, Faculty and Staff. You can easily choose to share documents or calendars with people inside the CCSF domain if you wish (you can also keep everything private, or share with everyone on the internet).

Google maintains many help pages on all its apps. Also, look for the Technology Learning Center’s workshops on Google Apps on their Workshops calendar.

Opening Setting from the Gear icon

How do I change my password?

In order to change your password you must:

  • Logon to your CCSFmail account
  • Click the Gear icon, upper right)
  • Click on the Settings link (top right)
  • Select the Accounts tab
  • Click the Google Account Settings link
  • Click the Change Password link
  • Follow the instructions: Password must contain at least six characters, of which at least one must be a number.
  • Click Save or your changes won't stick!

Reply pulldown options

How can I forward CCSFmail to another email address?

Forwarding a single email:

  • Open the email
  • Click the Reply button, top right
  • Click Forward and enter the address to which you want to forward

Forwarding ALL email from your CCSFmail account:

I deleted a mail message. Can it be recovered?

No, once a mail message is deleted, we are unable to recover it.

What do I need to know about STUDENT CCSFmail?

All students now automatically get a CCSFmail address. All official communication with CCSF is handled through this account, so it's important that the students be able to access it - if only to forward it all to their normal account. Also, when online classlists now list these Gmail addresses, so if you want to email your students, you have a stake in helping students use Gmail. Here's a document that fills you in on the details of the student process. It can be used as the basis of a class in a computer lab:

Student CCSFmail: What Faculty Need to Know [pdf]

Is there a Help Desk number that students can call for help?

Yes, they call 239-3711, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Email help is available at