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  • New Ticketing System: We've just changed over to a new ticket system. All unresolved tickets in the old system will have to be recreated in the new system. Sorry for the inconvenience. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • Cheat sheets from the VPN class:


If you're experiencing IT related issues, such as:

- Needing a password reset

- Having computer issues

- Having printer issues

- Having AV related issues

- Having software issues

Contact the Help Desk (24/7/365):

- By phone: (877) 379-2491

- By e-mail:


- Self Service Software (Software for work)

- Software for personal use (home)

- New Account:

* Banner and Argos

* BDM and SARS Anywhere

* Other: Please e-mail the Help Desk with the details.

- New/Upgraded/Replacement computer (Employee Computer Refresh program)

- Quote for IT related items: ITS provides quotes for Standard Computers. For other items, we can provide our typical vnedors. Please e-mail the Help Desk with the details.

- Request AV support for your event via the Help Desk (


- Consulting

- Recommendations

ITS provides consulting and will assist you in making IT related recommendations. Just e-mail the Help Desk with the details.




- Need AV support? E-mail AV (


How are we doing?

In 2018, the Help Desk fielded over 40,000 calls and emails from CCSF students, staff and faculty. Of the 38,283 help tickets that were filed, 33,225 tickets were resolved and closed (87 % closure rate). Results of customer satisfaction surveys conducted by the Central Help Desk in 2018 are reflected in the graphs below.

For the QA (Quality Assurance) ratings, a value of 5 is a very satisfied customer while a value of 1 represents a very unsatisfied customer. The average QA score in 2018 was 4.5.

Help Desk Customer Satisfaction Surveys