Employee Services

Who are CCSF Faculty & Staff?

Committed to the highest standards of excellence in teaching, research and public service, City College’s faculty and staff are comprised of seasoned veterans, field experts, researchers and the educational leaders of tomorrow. With their collective knowledge, skills and passion for education, our faculty and staff are driven to provide students with both a challenging and stimulating learning experience.

City College Faculty and Staff Resources

City College takes pride in the hard work and effort put forth by our faculty and staff. We are dedicated to help and assist them with their personal needs and professional performance.

Support available to CCSF faculty and staff members includes teaching resources, curriculum development, policies and workshops, technology-related resources as well as assistance in balancing your personal life and career. And with aid offered toward your development in and out of the workplace, City College ensures that you are provided with the necessary tools to deliver a valuable academic experience for all.