Enrollment Made Simple

Easy steps to registering for credit courses at City College of San Francisco for NEW and RE-ADMIT Students.

Step 1:
Apply for Admission online at www.ccsf.edu/New_Students to receive your registration appointment.

Step 2:
Complete assessment to get English and Math placement. You can find your options here.

Step 3:
Attend an Orientation to CCSF. You can do this online at www.ccsf.edu/onlineorientation or in person. For the schedule of in-person orientation sessions, go to www.ccsf.edu/aio.

Step 4:
See a Counselor for advice on what courses to take.*

Step 5:
Register for Classes anytime after your scheduled appointment by using WEB4 (online web registration) at www.ccsf.edu.

Step 6:
Pay your fees online with Visa/Master card or Checking/Savings Accounts. Pay in person with cash, check, Money Order, Visa/Master/ATM cards.*Some students may be exempted from Steps 2, 3 and 4. Go to www.ccsf.edu /New_Students/may-ex.htm.

SSB (Web4) -Your Portal To Online Registration

Step 1: Go to www.ccsf.edu on your web browser.

Step 2: Click on Register for Classes (WEB4).

Step 3:
Enter your 9-digit User ID: [*********] your CCSF Student ID and your 6-digit PIN: [******] (initially your date of birth MMDDYY).
NOTE: To ensure maximum security it is advised that you change your PIN. First time users will be asked to re-enter the PIN and create a security question.

Step 4:
Click on “Student Services & Financial Aid”.

Step 5:
Click on registration and select the appropriate menu item.
NOTE : WEB4 will charge a one-time $3.00 user fee per semester. There is no charge during AD/DROP Period.

• Students must be admitted to the College and have met the matriculation requirements prior to registration. A registration appointment is required to use WebStars. To view your scheduled registration appointment, log on to www.ccsf.edu and go to the Registration page and click on “Check Your Registration Status,” or call (415) 239-3732. In an effort to go “green,” we are going paperless. All Admissions, Registration and Fee correspondence will be sent electronically. Please refer to http://www.ccsf.edu/Services/Financial_Aid/Forms/EmailFAQ.pdf for information regarding your official CCSF email account.

• To protect confidentiality, it is strongly recommended that each student process his/her own registration.• BE PREPARED for registration. Your first choice may not be available. Therefore, select two or more sections of the same course before attempting to register.

• All administrative and/or academic HOLDS that prevent enrollment must be cleared prior to registration.• The registration system does not allow time conflicts, multiple registrations in the same course, enrolling in a course without fulfilling the prerequisite, multiple unauthorized repeats, exceeding the maximum number of units (17 semester units.)

• After a student’s registration has passed, courses may be ADDED or DROPPED as often as necessary while the registration system is available.

Have questions? Who can help? Answers for online registration questions are available Monday through Thursday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. and on Friday 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. by calling (415) 239-3732. In addition you may email your question to register@ccsf.edu NOTE: If you have forgotten your PIN number or your PIN number has been disabled, simply click on the “FORGOT PIN” button. You will be asked to answer your security question. If you are still having difficulties, click on the “FORGOT ANSWER” button and a new pin will be sent to your email address on file.

Add/Drop Instructions Using SSB (Web 4)

Add/Drop Procedures
Online through SSB (Web 4) (Monday-Saturday, 6 A.M.-11:45 P.M.) at http://www.ccsf.edu. The most convenient and efficient method of adding and dropping/withdrawing from classes is online through SSB. You only need to follow these simple instructions

    To Add:
            1. Go to the class you wish to attend.
            2. If the instructor agrees to ADD you, obtain a four-digit add permit code from the instructor.
            3. Make sure you have the CRN and the four-digit add permit code for the class.
            4. Go to http://www.ccsf.edu.
            5. Log in and go to the Registration page and follow the simple instructions for adding.

    To Drop/Withdraw:
            1.Go to http://www.ccsf.edu
            2.Log in and go to the Registration page and follow the simple instructions for dropping/withdrawing.