Educational Programs

The Office of Academic & Institutional Affairs

Welcome to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic & Institutional Affairs. Tom Boegel, Vice Chancellor is responsible for the overall development, implementation, budgeting and evaluation of instructional programs and related support services at City College of San Francisco.

Please call 239-3321 with any questions.


  • Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Ethnic Studies & Social Justice
  • Dean, Jill Yee  415-239-3174
  • Downtown Center &, Business, Child Development, Culinary Arts, Fashion & Horticulture
    Dean, Geisce Ly 415-267-6521
  • Liberal Arts
    Dean, KenZoe Brian Selassie-Okpe 415-452-5302
  • ESL, International Education & Transitional Studies
    Dean, Vinicio Lopez  415-452-5342
  • John Adams Center & Allied Health & Physical Education & Social Services                  Dean, Edie Kaeuper 415-239-3301
  • Science & Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
    Dean, David Yee 415-239-3665
  • Chinatown/North Beach & Civic Centers
    Dean, Kit Dai 415-395-8622
  • Mission Centers & Transitional Studies
    Interim Dean Gregoria Cahill 415-920-6000
  • Capital Projects, Evans & Southeast Centers                                                          Dean Ilona McGriff 415-550-4449



Other Services:

Other services provided under the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic & Institutional Affairs include:

  • Institutional Development
    Associate Vice Chancellor, Kristen Charles  415-239-3677
  • Library & Learning Resources Centers
    Dean, Donna Reed 415-452-5455
  • Online Learning    
  • Dean, Cynthia Dewar 415-239-3292


Academics at City College

City College offers classes within more than 60 educational programs and over 100 occupational disciplines. Since 1935, the College has maintained a strong academic reputation through its broad range of academic and career opportunities for students of all types.

Why City College?

Students attend City College for a variety of reasons. You can earn a degree or certificate, earn the credits needed to transfer to a four-year college or university, advance your career, gain basic skills, take courses for personal enjoyment or even enroll your children in youth education classes. Whatever your goals or needs, becoming a City College student will help you meet them.

On Your Own Terms

At CCSF, our students take ultimate responsibility for their educational choices. They will learn at their own pace and on their own terms toward intellectual and professional development. Our academic programs and competent faculty will enhance your learning experience and prepare you with the valuable skill sets needed in today’s changing workplace and global economy.