Parking Information

Community College District Parking Enforcement Regulations

Parking enforcement is conducted by the City College Police Department under the authority of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) by approval of the District.

CVC21113(a) - No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle whether attended or unattended, upon the driveways, paths, parking facilities, or the grounds of any public school, except with the permission of, and upon subject to any condition or regulation which may be imposed by the legislative body of the governing board or officer of the public school, or educational institution.

1. A valid permit, issued to the user, is required to park a vehicle in any College District Parking Lot or location, day or evening, seven days a week.  No overnight parking is allowed without the permission of the Chief of Police.

2. Vehicles in any CCSF parking location shall display a current parking permit valid for the particular parking lot or stall in use. 

a. Semester Student Parking Permit decals shall be attached to the inside, lower, right corner (Passenger Side) of the windshield and at a level to where they are clearly visible from the outside.  Permits must be attached with the adhesive of the decal.

b. Daily Vending Machine Permits must be prominently displayed (face up) inside the vehicle on the dashboard readable from the outside.  Daily permits are only valid for the date they are purchased.

c. Temporary or one-day use, Employee/Visitor (Red) / Student (Blue) Permits must be filled out completely and legibly and placed face up on the dashboard, visible from the outside of the vehicle and are valid only for the date shown on the permit.  These permits are void if they are altered or corrected in ANY manner.

d. Faculty/Staff hanging permits are to be hung from the rear view mirror with the permit number visible from the outside of the windshield.  Only the most current issued permits are considered valid for parking at CCSF. If unable to hang the permit then it must be placed on the dashboard, numbers facing up, visible from the outside of the windshield.   

e. Special Permits are issued at the discretion of the Chief of Police for designated special events.  These permits must be displayed placed face up on the dashboard, visible from the outside of the vehicle and are valid only for the date(s) shown on the permit.  These permits are void if they are altered or corrected in any manner.

3. Motorcycles and convertibles require a special faculty/staff permit to park on campus. These permits shall be displayed as noted on instructions

4. All vehicles shall be parked in a marked parking stall.  A parking stall is defined as a space between two white parallel lines on the pavement in designated parking areas.  Only one vehicle allowed per stall.  Any “out-of-Stall” vehicle will be cited and/or towed at the owners’ expense.

5. Faculty/Staff/Students with disabled persons license plate or placard registered to them from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) may park in all lots on campus.  License plates/placards must be current and visible from the outside of the vehicle.

6. After 5pm all parking lots except Cloud Circle and Science Loop are open to students with valid parking permits.

7. All Vehicles Parked in College District lots must be conducting campus related business.

8. Parking Permits are not transferable.


Students and Faculty/Staff with DMV issued Disabled Person Parking Placards are allowed to park anywhere on campus except for red zones and out of stall.

Motorcycles and Scooters should be parked in designated motorcycle parking on Frida Kahlo Way.

Bicycle Parking use only authorized bicycle racks.  Please do not chain bicycles to railings, fences or other areas where it may impede the flow of pedestrian traffic. Bicycles are prohibited in all district buildings.

Student semester parking permits can be purchased online through the Bursar's Office. For any questions, please contact Student Bank at (415) 239-3345.

Students and visitors may purchase a one-day permit for parking in student lots only. These permits are dispensed from the machines located in the parking lots.

Detailed parking map: 2011 Parking map of Ocean Campus