Title 5/EEO/ADA Compliance Office Equal Opportunity Compliance

 50 Phelan Ave., B619
San Francisco, Ca  94112
Phone: (415) 452-5053

I. Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

The San Francisco Community College District (District) Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (Plan) was adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 30, 2019. The Plan reflects the District's commitment to equal employment opportunity . It is the District's belief that taking active and vigorous steps to ensure equal employment opportunity and creating a working and academic environment, which is welcoming to all, will foster diversity and promote excellence. Click here to read the full Plan.

III. Nondiscrimination and Harassment Prevention

A. District Policies and Administrative Procedures


B. Complaint form


C. Brochures


D. Sexual Harassment Flyers

Discrimination and Harassment Know Your Rights!

Flyers – Harassment based on other protected categories:

Sexual Harassment Is Against The Law!


IV. American with Disabilities Act and Section 504 Compliance

A. Brochure

B. Forms

C. Service Animals

For information on filing complaints regarding based on gender (e.g., sexual assault/sexual harassment & other violence), please see  Title IX Compliance Office  webpage