French Pronunciation Exercises*

Students: Click here for information and sound files for the French language international phonetic alphabet (IPA). Check out the four categories: vowels, consonants, nasal vowels, and semi-vowels.

Pronunciation Exercises: Vowels (Page 1)

Pronunciation Exercises: Consonants (Page 2)

The Alphabet (Page 2)

Cardinal Numbers (Page 3)

Numbers with a Noun Starting with a Consonant and a Noun Starting with a Vowel. Listen for the Liaisons! (Page 3)

Months of the Year; the Date (Page 4)

Ordinal Numbers (Page 4)

Table of Pronunciation; Sounds of French (Page 5)

*These exercises were developed and recorded by Françoise Navarro to be used by students of French wishing to improve their pronunciation skills.

Updated: 09/23/2014

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